private training

Individual attention for the future of the game - you.


We’ve heard that 10,000 hours of practice are necessary to become an expert. Impact City FC private and small group training is instructed by collegiate coaches and professional players who enter into a mentoring relationship to develop players to become leaders who will change the world.

This season we welcome the opportunity to work with your son or daughter in pursuit of their soccer goals.

Need to know

• Individual attention to take you to the next level
• Work with our trainers to schedule a time that works for you
• Can do group training sessions as well


To find out more information, you can reach out to our Technical Staff!

Our Trainers

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World-class coaches here in our backyard!
Our training staff is comprised of former collegiate and professional players who have played all around the country and the world. Our Director of Coaching will pair you with the trainer that will best fit your development needs, and if you have a specific coach that you would like to work with, you can request them in registration.
Our trainers are top notch, you would be hard pressed to find someone that could provide better training. Their genuine love for people and a desire to see them grow in their faith is remarkable. They are the type of coaches we need as role models for the next generation.
Founder/President Aaron DeLoach
Aaron DeLoach
Impact City FC President
Private Training with a coach of whom a player plays for can potentially create issues with playing time in both directions: either the player receives special treatment, or the coach tries so hard not to show favoritism that minutes are limited. Our coaches are great and we hope this never happens, but if issues arise from parents, players, or coaches from Private Training the DOC reserves the right to assign the player or group to another coach within the club.